Marvel Entertainment

During San Diego Comic Con 2018, I met Jamie Frevele from Marvel Entertainment for an interview to discuss Toy Photography and the shots I took for Bandai Tamashii Nations. You can watch it hereVideo Courtesy of Marvel Entertainment


This was the first time that one of my photos went viral. Over 50 million views across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook! It was an unreal thing to witness. Before ESPN featured it, Ball Is Life and Complex also showed some love. This all happened within hours of each other and was so crazy to witness and experience!

Screen Shot 2018-12-16 at 4.12.34 PM.png


When I posted this photo on Twitter, it caused a small storm. The tweet got close to 60,000 views, and 240 retweets. Not even close to being viral but not too bad for having 50 followers, haha! Within a few hours, I got a couple of emails from some well known publishers. Nerdist was one of them! I thought I was dreaming! You can read the article by Eric Diaz here.

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io9 Gizmodo

io9 Gizmodo was the other publisher to reach out to me after my small Twitter storm. I couldn’t believe all this was happening within a couple of hours. You can read the article by Germain Lussier here.

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San Diego Comic Con 2018

I had the honor of having some of my work displayed in the Bluefin/Tamashii Nations Booth (along with other fellow artists) where I created shots from the Marvel Cinematic Universe using their SH Figuarts line of action figures. Signing photos for fans was also part of this amazing week.

Photo courtesy of  Isaiah Takahashi

Photo courtesy of Isaiah Takahashi


On July 2018, published an article that featured some photos I created for Hasbro and their Marvel Legends line, in celebration of Marvel's Cinematic Universe 10 year anniversary. Click below to read the article.

PHLEARN Magazine

In March of 2018, PHLearn Magazine reached out to me for an interview. I discovered PHLearn long before they discovered me because of the really great video tutorials they have on Photoshop. I was a big fan of their work, so naturally, I said hell yes to the interview. Click below to read the full article.

YAHOO! and Entertainment Weekly

Yahoo! Entertainment and Entertainment Weekly published articles on our recreated scenes for Hasbro's Star Wars 40th Anniversary Black Series Figures. Click on the photos to read the articles.

San Diego Comic Con 2016

My first BIG feauture!  I'll never forget my first! It was a pretty surreal feeling when Hasbro called to see if I would be interested in having my Force Awakens inspired shot displayed at their booth during San Diego Comic Con 2016. As you can see, I was amongst some really great talent.

HasbroToyPic Finalists SDCC Hasbro Booth Display.jpg

Toy Fair New York and Star Wars Celebration 2017

HasbroToyPic Toy Fair 2017 Display.jpg

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars, Hasbro asked me to be part of a select group of photographers that recreated scenes from Episode IV - A New Hope, using characters from their 40th Anniversary Black Series line. Above is the spread that was displayed at the Toy Fair New York and Star Wars Celebration in 2017. Below are my contributions to the spread above.

EXCLU Design Collective ISSUE 6  

In November of 2016 I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Exclu Design Collective and being featured on the cover! I created 9 shots exclusively for this issue and dived into some things I was uncomfortable with at that time.